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It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with Larry Asher and all of the wonderful employees at Giant Development. Giant's accounts payable department pays off their entire balance due on their account to stay current. We need more customers like Giant Development.

Ty Parker, CARQUEST/Advance Auto Parts of Germantown

It has been a pleasure supplying Giant Development with fuel, lubes, and other products for almost a decade. Their entire staff has always been very personable, appreciative, and accommodating in every aspect of our professional relationship. These types of partnerships make our work enjoyable, and we look forward to continuing to serve them in the future.

Steve Couch, Couch Oil Company of Durham, Inc.

Netsports would like to take this opportunity to write a testimonial to the professionalism, expert workmanship, and overall impressive completion of the project. Giant Development has consistently delivered results over and beyond what they committed to during the negotiation phase. Their ability to exceed expectations is remarkable and their level of professionalism impressive. After a long and detailed selection process, it's clear the Netsports hired the right company for our project. We witnessed the owner of the company, Tony Crabtree, working alongside his employees and it reminded us of how true businesses should be run. Excellent teamwork and respect from all involved.

Netsports Management

Due to Giant Development Inc.'s high business standards and practice, Black's Tire has had the great opportunity to develop a loyal and solid relationship with them over the last two years. In today's world of ever-changing business culture being able to depend on reputable business relationships is the cornerstone of lasting in the business arena. You can count on Giant Development Inc. for a trustworthy, reliable partnership.

Black's Tire Team

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