Giant Development proudly serves the Apex area in providing turnkey residential and commercial land development services that thoroughly prepare any site for construction, and we have been doing so since 2004. Our team has years of experience in both total site development and project management, meaning we know how to get the job done as exceptionally as possible in the timeliest manner possible.  In every task we set out to accomplish, we place integrity, diligence, and customer satisfaction as our top priority, which provides our customers with the unparalleled results they deserve.

Our Site Development Services in Apex

Our total site development at Giant Development ultimately ensures that your residential and commercial land in Apex is ready for construction, meaning we offer all the services you may need to properly do so. We provide the following services:

Residential and commercial Demolition

Many construction projects require the demolition of preexisting structures before further development can begin, which is why we provide our residential and commercial demolition services in Apex. Our services involve the complete dismantling and removal of all unwanted buildings on the premises in an efficient, eco-friendly, and timely manner. We will ultimately ensure that your residential or commercial site is cleared and ready for the next phase of construction to take place.

Stormwater Management & Erosion Control

Our stormwater management and erosion control services in Apex ultimately work to protect the quality of water that discharges to larger bodies of water from your residential or commercial site while also ensuring that you are abiding by local and state regulations. Regardless if you need stream bank restoration, impact mitigation, or SCM installation, our general contractors at Giant Development can help using the most current Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs).

Forestry and Clearing

Our Apex forestry and clearing services ensure that all unwanted trees, brush, roots, and other vegetation is thoroughly removed from your residential or commercial site. With our advanced machinery and dedicated team members, your site can be completely cleared and prepped for construction in the quickest time frame possible. We will also take protective soil structure preservation steps to preserve the soil and prevent erosion.

Curb, Stone, and Asphalt

When it comes to curb, stone, and asphalt services, our team at Giant Development our experts in this field, which is why we have been tasked with constructing many of the roads and pavement throughout North Carolina. No matter what you need done, from curb and sidewalk installation to street patching and pavement upgrades, our pavement services in Apex guarantee that you will receive outstanding results for an exceptional price.

Site Grading and Utilities

Our team can handle any site grading and utility need you may have in the timeliest manner possible. Whether you need simple site grading and earthmoving or excavating and water and sewage system construction, we have the extensive experience and knowledge to get it done exceptionally well in no time.

Looking for a General Contractor for Your Residential or Commercial Site in Apex?

Our team at Giant Development would love to partner with you in fulfilling all of your site development needs. We have taken care of the complete preparation of numerous sites over the span of 15 years, and we would be thrilled to do the same for you. Schedule a consultation with us today to discover why our services are the best option for you. Call 919-754-1226 or complete our online contact form below.
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