Site Development in Chapel Hill Chapel Hill is a thriving city with new businesses, apartment complexes, housing developments, and so much more springing up in nearly every neighborhood. However, when it comes to residential or commercial real estate, constructing the building is only a small part of the project. That’s why the economic success of your project depends on partnering with an experienced, ethical land development company with a reputation for excellence. Since 2004, Giant Development, Inc. has been working with real estate development companies across Chapel Hill and throughout the Triangle, providing the broad spectrum of site development services necessary for a successful construction project. Our mission is to provide work that exceeds your expectations while completing the task within your budget and scheduling parameters.

Chapel Hill Site Grading

With our state-of-the-art equipment and a large crew of experienced operators, we offer fast, effective site grading. Whether the land simply needs fine grade dozing for a smooth finish, or there are large slopes that require more comprehensive excavation, we will create a flat, even space that is ready for your building’s foundation.

Residential and Commercial Demolition

If your Chapel Hill development project requires removing existing infrastructure, we are experts in building take down and removal. We offer tailored demolition services from expert, licensed contractors who work quickly and thoroughly, while following all safety regulations. The end result is a fast, yet meticulous demolition that leaves your site clean and ready for the next step in construction.

Chapel Hill Land Clearing & Forestry

We clear your site of all existing trees, brush, and vegetation in a safe, eco-friendly way. As part of our comprehensive Chapel Hill land clearing process, trees and vegetation are removed to prevent erosion and are processed into valuable mulch to provide a more attractive appearance to the property. Any leftover debris and stumps are ground down, leaving a clear area of land for development.

Chapel Hill Stormwater Management

Giant Development specializes in stormwater management across Chapel Hill, and we are well-versed in both Best Management Practices and Stormwater Control Measures to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Our team has over 20 years of direct experience in providing stormwater compliance services, including building sand filters, detention wetlands, sediment reclamation, and stream bank stabilization.

Curb, Stone, and Asphalt Services

We take pride in completing your building project with safe and attractive asphalt paving and concrete. Whether you need an existing parking lot, road, or sidewalk repaired or re-paved, or you need a brand new lot, ramp,  or sidewalk poured, we will ensure smooth, safe asphalt and concrete work that looks attractive and adheres to ADA guidelines.

Contact Giant Development for Chapel Hill Land Development Services

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