Large land development projects often require intensive excavation, site grading, and land clearing in order to create a level, even surface that’s ideal for building. When these are done near rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water, these actions can lead to increased erosion, which can cause long-term damage both to the property and the eco-system. Additionally, natural erosion of banks and beaches can lead to water encroaching on developed land and leading to a loss of both aquatic life and damage to public and private property.

Understanding Streambank Stabilization and Restoration

To prevent erosion or stop its spread, Giant Development, Inc. offers streambank stabilization and restoration. This means we repair streambanks that have been damaged or worn away due to erosion and have unstable soil. Solutions to stabilizing the banks range from planting native plant materials, building natural or man-made barriers, or bioengineering systems to slow the effects of erosion. These solutions prevent soil from washing away, which is better for the environment and prevents property loss and damage. 

Causes of Streambank Instability Around Durham

While land development and urbanization can cause instability, other factors include: 

  • Streambank Rehabilitation and Stabilization in DurhamChannel modifications
  • Effluent water transport
  • Irrigation water transport
  • Excessive water force exertion
  • Flooding
  • Animal Activities
  • Wildfires
  • Removal of vegetation
  • Land changes
  • Natural disasters

Streambank Stabilization and Restoration Services

Streambank stabilization around Durham requires experience and planning to ensure it’s designed and implemented correctly. Giant Development, Inc. has a team of experts who have successfully reduced erosion and improved the soil stability around waterways throughout North Carolina. Our services include: 

  • Educating client on stream dynamics
  • Earthwork and soil preparation
  • Managing streamside vegetation
  • Weed control
  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the stream structure
  • Identifying the most effective streambank protection method
    • Bioengineering methods
    • Geotechnical methods
    • Traditional methods
  • Designing an effective restoration solution
  • Implementation of system and sediment control measures
  • Monitoring and management of system and subsequent reporting
  • If applicable, design and implementation of in-stream solution to improve habitat value
  • Grading measures
  • Stabilization of channel flow
  • Maintenance to prevent erosive water flow

No matter what services we provide, we will ensure a comprehensive solution that is designed to last without going over your budget. 

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