Our restoration crews at Giant Development provide effective, long-lasting streambank stabilization and restoration services to individuals in North Carolina. Using advanced tools and a combination of methods, from planting to constructing barriers, we thoroughly assess each stream and streamflow to ensure complete and proper restoration. With years of experience in successfully stabilizing and restoring even the most difficult of situations, we have what it takes to tackle any job thrown our way in the most efficient time and manner.

What is Streambank Stabilization and Restoration?

Streambank stabilization and restoration involves the repair of a streambank that has been negatively affected by erosion, specifically through the installation of plant materials, barriers, bioengineering systems, and other measures to ultimately stabilize the streambank soil. It prevents future erosion, betters the environment, prevents the loss of both public and private property, and provides a proper habitat for aquatic life, among a long list of other benefits.

All stream stabilization and restoration projects must be properly designed and implemented in order to successfully provide stability and prevent future costly repairs, which is why it is best to contact experienced professionals for this task. Our team members at Giant Development are experts when it comes to streambank stabilization and restoration and have successfully completed this job for several different clients throughout North Carolina. With our restoration services, you can rest assured that the job will be completed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What Causes Streambank Instability?

Streambank instability can result from multiple different factors. Some of these causes include:

  • Urbanization
  • Channel modifications
  • Effluent water transport
  • Irrigation water transport
  • Excessive water force exertion
  • Flooding
  • Animal activities
  • Wildfires
  • Removal or damage of streamside vegetation
  • Natural disturbances
  • Land changes

Our Raleigh Streambank Stabilization and Restoration Services

Our streambank stabilization and restoration services at Giant Development combine a multitude of approaches to construct the most effective restoration solution possible. From soil bioengineering to plant installation and barrier construction, our team is capable of performing all necessary tasks to provide you with the highest quality restoration. Our streambank stabilization and restoration services generally involve:

  • Educating client on stream dynamics
  • Earthwork and soil preparation
  • Managing streamside vegetation
  • Weed control
  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the stream structure
  • Identifying the most effective streambank protection method
    • Bioengineering methods
    • Geotechnical methods
    • Traditional methods
  • Designing an effective restoration solution
  • Implementation of system and sediment control measures
  • Monitoring and management of system and subsequent reporting
  • If applicable, design and implementation of in-stream solution to improve habitat value
  • Grading measures
  • Stabilization of channel flow
  • Maintenance to prevent erosive water flow

Our team will ultimately ensure that the job is thoroughly taken care of by providing a comprehensive, effective solution that is designed to last.

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At Giant Development, Inc., our team has successfully restored countless streambanks in even the most difficult of conditions, and can certainly do the same for you. We will take a comprehensive approach to ensure the most effective solution, implementing whatever is necessary for your particular situation. With our streambank stabilization and restoration services, you will ultimately receive utmost professionalism and expertise, all for an affordable price. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation by calling 919-754-1226 or by filling out our contact form.