One of the most important components of any commercial or residential property is undoubtedly the water and sewage system. This allows for the privileges of running water and flushing toilets, which is necessary for any business or residential complex to function. In the same way, a damaged or improperly constructed water and sewage system job could lead to weeks of downtime for your company and a costly situation.

That is why it is crucial to have an experienced and knowledgeable pipe line installation company who will not only ensure that your water and sewage system is installed as efficiently as possible, but that it complies with the local and state regulations as well. With over 14 years of experience, our team at Giant Development provides the most exceptional quality and service possible and can keep your construction projects running smoothly and on track. We have successfully accomplished even the most challenging and unique sewer and water projects, meaning we are experts when it comes to underground wet utilities. With our high standards of integrity and diligence, and our years of experience and knowledge, you can trust our Giant Development team to safely construct a properly installed water and sewage system that is built to last.

What Our Water and Sewage System Services Involve

Ultimately, our services include all the steps necessary to complete the job as exceptionally as possible for your particular situation. Whatever you need done, our team is here to help, all for an affordable price that is tailored to your individual budget. We can install various forms of sewer and water systems, implementing the one that is most beneficial for your property. While each job varies to accommodate the individual property, our water and sewage system construction services commonly include:

  • Commercial and residential water pipeline installation
  • Sewer pipeline installation
  • Drainage system installation
  • Inflow/infiltration
  • Grouting
  • Manholes installation
  • Pump station installation
  • Bypass pumping installation
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Microtunneling
  • Tunneling
  • Pipe rehabilitation / sewer relining

How Do Water and Sewage Systems Work?

All the water and sewage, also known as wastewater, that leave residential, commercial, and industrial property continuously throughout the day are first transported to a community sewer before they eventually make their way to a wastewater treatment plant. This occurs through a series of pipes. Ideally, this system is completely gravity-powered due to the location of the pipes. However, often times a form of a pump or other similar system to keep the wastewater flowing, is necessary, since not all pipes can run downhill.

Once the wastewater reaches the treatment plant, it undergoes a sophisticated treatment process that usually involves one to three steps.

  • Primary treatment. The primary treatment allows the solids to settle out of the water and the scum to rise. This occurs as the wastewater flows through a screen and then enters a designated pool of water where the solids will then eventually settle out. The solids are then collected for an environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Secondary treatment. The secondary treatment extracts organic materials and nutrients from the water with the help of bacteria.
  • Tertiary treatment. This treatment varies depending on the location of the treatment and composition of the wastewater. However, this stage generally involves the removal of any bacteria, phosphorous, nitrogen, and other elements unnecessary in our water before the water is discharged.

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At Giant Development, we are experts when it comes to water and sewage systems and can consequently ensure that your underground utilities are properly installed. An improperly completed job could lead to a costly situation and lots of downtime, which is why it is best to stick with a team of experienced professionals. We will provide comprehensive services, from pipe installation to tunneling, to develop a water and sewage system solution that lasts. Call our team today to schedule your consultation at 919-754-1226 or complete our online contact form.

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