As you construct a new subdivision in Wake Forest, you know how important the condition of the land and roads are to attracting homeowners. Residents look at having a clean, safe, well-maintained neighborhood, so while the houses are newly-built, having smooth, high-quality roads and freshly poured sidewalks are also essential to making a good first impression. 

At Giant Development, our subdivision paving services will create the desired first impression of your new subdivision while ensuring the project is done on time and within your budget. Our paving and asphalt services for subdivisions include: 

  • Sidewalk and curb installation
  • Pavement milling and resurfacing 
  • Driveway pouring and paving
  • Road construction
  • Road widening
  • Seal coating
  • Speed bump installation

How Our Subdivision Paving Process Works

Subdivision paving in wake forestA well-paved road isn’t just about it looking good, it has to withstand traffic, weather, and the elements in order to hold up for years. We refuse to cut corners during our paving process, which is why we start the process with a fresh gravel base that acts as the foundation of your road.  

A new foundation will begin either with laying down a new gravel base or repair and improving an existing base. No matter which step we take, we take care to make sure the gravel is graded and pitched appropriately to prevent standing water.  

After preparing the gravel, we lay down asphalt or concrete over it. We use efficient equipment to roll and compact fresh asphalt to create a smooth, even surface. If we are pouring concrete, we make sure the surface is smooth and level before it sets.  

Sealcoating Your Wake Forest Subdivision

Over time, asphalt breaks down, especially when it’s constantly exposed to traffic, oil, water, and sun. Once the asphalt shows wear, cracks and potholes form quickly, leading to dangerous roads and expensive repairs.  Sealcoating protects asphalt from the elements, prevents it from drying out so quickly, and slows down the degradation process. Not only will it last longer, it will look better, too! 

Asphalt Repaving and Repair

Over time, cracks will form in asphalt and concrete. They’re generally easy and quick to repair, but unless they are repaired, they can grow in to large potholes. This level of damage is not only ugly, it’s dangerous to drivers and pedestrians. 

To keep the roads and sidewalks in your subdivision both safe and attractive,  we offer repair and repaving for concrete and asphalt including the following services:

Asphalt Removal and Replacement

If the existing asphalt has serious damage and can’t be fixed, we can remove the damaged area and replace it. We will also look closely at the surrounding area to look for water drainage issues and redo the gravel base if necessary to prevent any future issues that could shorten the lifespan of the new asphalt.   

Surface Patching

For small cracks or potholes, we can patch the pavement quickly and for a much lower cost than removing and replacing the asphalt.  The process is simple: We clean out the damaged area of dirt and debris, then lay a tack coat so the patch sticks. After that, we pack down fresh asphalt or a patching mix in a way to prevent air or water from getting in. The end result is a road that looks nicer and is safer to drive and walk on. 

Pavement Upgrades

As your subdivision grows, you will need to make safety or space upgrades to the roads in the subdivision.  We can add speed bumps to slow down cars and add or widen sidewalks and paths to improve safety. If traffic has greatly increased, we can even add turning lanes or widen the roads to decrease traffic delays. 

Contact Us for Subdivision Paving in Wake Forest

For efficient, reliable paving services and good quality roads, contact Giant Development. Since 2004, we’ve provided Wake Forest and the surrounding area with comprehensive site development services, including paving roads and laying sidewalks. Call us today at 919-754-1226 to learn more! 

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