While asphalt is extremely durable, it’s not a permanent substance and does require maintenance and repair. Constant exposure to the elements, including traffic, UV damage, water, oil, and extreme temperature fluctuations cause it to degrade and break down over time. While minor damage, like small potholes, can be fixed with asphalt patching, large issues require a more intensive solution.

If your Willow Springs roads are in poor condition with large potholes, buckled sections, or areas where the asphalt has worn away and the base layer is visible, we can get your roads back in good condition through pavement milling. Pavement milling is an inexpensive, efficient way of replacing your existing road while still getting a smooth, even surface. 

Why Choose Pavement Milling in Willow Springs

Often called cold planing or cold milling, pavement milling means the damaged layer of asphalt is planed away. Sometimes just a very thin layer can be shaved away, though in cases of severe damage, the entire layer of asphalt has to be removed.   

As the asphalt is taken up, it’s ground and recycled into an aggregate which is added to new asphalt mix to be used in a paving project in the future. As the old asphalt is removed, a fresh layer is poured on top, rolled, and smoothed. The end result is a much more even, smooth surface that is safer for drivers and pedestrians to use. 

Benefits of Pavement Milling in Willow Springs

A milling machine only takes up what is damaged and in poor condition so we generally don’t have to remove the sub-base and replace it. This allows us to put down new asphalt fast, saving us time and saving our customers money while reducing the impact on road traffic.

Pavement milling is also an eco-friendly solution because we can recycle the old asphalt, leading to reducing waste, saving on materials, and minimizing the amount of used asphalt that ends up in landfills. 

In addition to using the milling machine to take up old asphalt, we can even use it to create rumble strips on the side of the roads around Willow Springs that alert the driver if they’ve veered off the road. We simply scrape off thin layers of pavement to create a texture to alert drivers without the deep jump that can damage vehicles or cause accidents. 

Using Cold Planing in Land Development

We offer pavement milling in both public projects and private land development projects. In many cases, a development project will have an existing road in place that is in poor condition, so we can use the milling machine to redo the roads so they look as new and pristine as the newly developed property. 

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