Support of Note in the Pocket

Our team has made a donation of 75 backpacks to children in need. Note in Pocket provides clothing and shoes to impoverished children throughout Wake County.

Support of The YMCA of the Triangle

Our team has made donations to the YMCA of the Triangle to support their mission to help children achieve through YMCA Academic Support and Summer Day Camp Programs
We received this thank you from Jennifer McGee for our support:

Support of the Taiwo Foundation

Our team has made donations to the Taiwo Foundation to support their mission to help children in need on the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent.

We received this thank you from Debra Taiwo, president of the Foundation, for our support:
“I am grateful for your generous donation in support of Taiwo Foundation in fighting Domestic Violence, Teenage Pregnancy and Child Abuse in the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent. Giant Development Inc. donations over the years are helping to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged young girls and boys in this Caribbean Island.”

Support of Lady Lightning Softball Team

The Lady Lightning’s manager Chris “Turtle” Wilson thanked us:
“I am so appreciative for everything Giant Development INC has done for Lady Lightning. Their generous donations made it possible to jump-start our local softball team. With the help of Giant Development, Lady Lightning was able to hire the best coaches possible and buy all the best equipment. Their CEO Tony Crabtree went above what was asked of him, I couldn’t imagine having a better sponsor for Lady Lightning. Thank you Giant Development!”

Charity Work for St. Michael the Archangel Church

Our team cleared land to add a proper paved road next to the second rectory and conference center of the church’s campus as a part of our charity work.

Monsignor Douglas P. Peed said:
“The driveway work that you did last summer for our 2nd rectory has been a Godsend! And the road next to the Conference Center has not only made our ball fields more accessible, especially for our seniors, but you’ve cleaned up a tremendous eyesore as well. Rather than speechless, I am simply more grateful than I can possibly express! I really appreciate all you are doing!”