Giant Development’s services center around site development and include the following:


Tree, Land, and Dirt Removal
We offer excavation services for all aspects of site preparation. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our safe, knowledgeable staff members provide professional and timely excavation services.

Stormwater Control and BMP

Storm Clean-up and Install Storm Drains
We understand the complexities of the regulatory standards for stormwater BMPs and retention basins. We strive to adapt our services to stay up-to-date with the amendments made to those standards. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients understand the regulations and demonstrate to them how we are able to provide them with the most comprehensive, stormwater management program. We’ll evaluate each BMP structure and develop a regulatory-centered maintenance plan to most efficiently manage it.

Demolition Work

Demo of Buildings and Other Structures
Giant Development has the ability to perform a variety of services for the removal of commercial structures with a proven track record of meeting challenging deadlines. Our goal on every project is to provide the highest quality of service, while maintaining safety and providing the client the ability to quickly return their property back to productive use. We make every attempt to ensure that your project is done to your specifications, within your budget and meets your timeline.

Forestry Services

Mulching and Logging
We have developed protocols for disposing of timber in a cost-effective and useful manner. We have successfully restored even the most devastated properties. Our forestry mulching equipment quickly turns massive piles of timber into valuable mulch, halting erosion, restoring usability and equity and leaving behind a manicured appearance. We mulch stumps and remove damaged and dead trees without harming remaining timber and native vegetation. In addition, we recover and process firewood.

Asphalt and Curbing

Road, Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Design
Let Giant Development handle your next road construction project with experience and expertise. We specialize in commercial work including road construction, asphalt paving, parking lots, streetscaping and more.

Erosion Control & Retaining Walls

Sediment Pond Design and Construction; Pond Planting and Conversion
Soil erosion is a significant environmental issue that concerns many developers. We are committed to being environmentally responsible and we offer traditional methods as well as innovative solutions to erosion and drainage problems.

Site Clearing and Grading

Grading, Hauling, and Pad Building
Utilizing state of the art equipment and experienced operators, our grading services handle a full range of earthmoving projects to prepare commercial development sites for the construction of buildings, roads, parking lots and many other uses.