Apex Commercial Site Grading

After demolition or land clearing is complete, you need to make sure your ground surface is level, even, and solid. Otherwise, you may experience difficulties when building or experience expensive structural problems and foundation concerns. Site grading is the technique used to adjust the slope and elevation of soil to level out the ground or create a slope to improve drainage, often using heavy machinery such as bulldozers or excavators to do the majority of the earth moving. After the majority of the earth is level, a fine grade dozer is then used to ensure it’s completely even and smooth out the finish.

Apex land development and site gradingBecause this step of your Apex land development project ensures stability for your foundation and building project, you want to partner with a contractor who brings experience, knowledge, and dedication to this job. At Giant Development, we combine quality equipment and machinery with experienced, licensed operators who know how to efficiently and safely grade your property, ensuring it’s smooth and stable for your building, parking lot, or other use.

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