sewer-and-water-construction-apex At Giant Development, we offer turnkey site development services in Apex to help you get your commercial residential housing project built quickly and within budget. This includes site grading to provide you with a level, even space to begin laying foundations and designing and constructing water and sewer lines that connect to city and municipal lines to deliver and remove water and waste from the homes safely and effectively.

Residential Site Grading in Apex

In addition to other site preparation projects, such as demolition of existing buildings and clearing land of trees and overgrowth, site grading is another step that must be completed prior to building on your land in Apex. It is often done using heavy machinery, such as track dozers, off-road dump trucks, and excavators to roughly prepare an area. Then using a fine grade dozer for a smooth finish.  Giant Development utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operators. Our grading services handle a full range of earthmoving projects to prepare residential development sites for the construction of buildings, roads, parking lots, and many other uses.

Water and Sewer System Construction in Apex

Water and sewer construction is an essential part of the neighborhood’s infrastructure and a necessary part of home construction. Since new homes require a water supply and sewage treatment facilities, developers usually pay for water and sewer systems for new subdivisions. We work with utility subcontractors to design and install the network of infrastructure that delivers and removes water and waste from homes to the local water and sewer mains. Our experienced team ensures the lines and structure aligns with the approved plans reviewed by the local, state, and sometimes federal authorities, for compliance with typical engineering practices, and prior to the systems making a connection to the POWWTS (Public Owned Waste Water Treatment System).

Contact Us When You Need Site Grading and Utility Services in Apex

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