Asphalt is a durable material, but over time, exposure to water and oil, temperature changes, and the constant pressure of cars and trucks cause it to break down over time. Asphalt patching is great for minor damage, like small potholes or cracks, but they aren’t a permanent solution. When potholes are severe or numerous, or there are large ares of pavement that show serious damage, a patch won’t fix those problems.

When you do need a more comprehensive solution for your roads, Giant Development offers pavement milling for Apex streets. Pavement milling is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way of replacing your existing road without sacrificing quality. 

Understanding Pavement Milling in Apex

Apex pavement milling servicesSometimes pavement milling is called cold planing or cold milling, but they all refer to the same action of only removing the damaged layer of asphalt. Sometimes just a thin layer of damaged asphalt is shaved off, but if there is severe damage, all of the asphalt may need to be removed. 

As the asphalt is removed, it’s ground up and recycled into an aggregate, which is used to make fresh asphalt for a later paving project. As the old pavement is taken up, the fresh layer is poured on top of the newly exposed layer and smoothed out. The end result is an even, level surface that drivers will appreciate.

Benefits of Pavement Milling in Apex

A milling machine only takes up the damaged layer of asphalt. This means we don’t have to take up the sub-base and replace it, so we can put down new asphalt fast. This saves us time and saves our customers money while affecting road traffic for a shorter period of time.

Pavement milling is also an eco-friendly solution because we can recycle the old asphalt, meaning we are reducing waste, saving on supplies, and preventing tons of asphalt from ending up in the landfills. 

We can also use pavement milling to do more than repair roads. The milling machine can create rumble strips on the side of the roads around Apex that alert the driver if they’ve veered off the road. We simply scrape off thin layers of pavement which creates texture without causing a sharp drop or jump, preventing damage to tires and even vehicle accidents.

Using Pavement Milling in Land Development

In addition to working on city streets, state highways, and private parking areas, we also offer pavement milling in land development projects. Often, there will be an existing road leading to a new development that is in poor repair. We will use the Cold Milling Machine to redo the roads so they look as new and pristine as the newly developed property. 

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